Conformity is the enemy of innovation.

We guide brands through the adventure of
discovery and innovation.

And we do it Bravely.

What We Do

Bravely is a modern creative consultancy at the intersection of storytelling, technology and experience. Or simply, "we make cool stuff for brands."

User Experience

Design for a frictionless digital experience, focused on the user.

Content Strategy

Plan for the right context and relevance for engaging and meaningful content.

Social Engagement

Drive conversation and action through the amplification of content.

Technology Platforms

Engineer innovative applications that inspire action.

Digital Communications

Develop messaging strategy across all digital-focused touchpoints.

Video Production

Craft captivating stories in a medium that reaches across multiple channels.

Brand Development

Build the DNA of brands’ identities, from what they say (and why) to how they look.

Graphic Design

Create visual harmony, by balancing ideas, technology and messaging.

How We Do It

Our clients are our partners. We work collaboratively and quickly, so we can test and learn. We don’t hibernate for weeks for a "big reveal" — from the start we craft stories together so that there is mutual accountability and ownership.


Everything we do starts with insight about the user. A comprehensive discovery exercise helps us learn the "why" behind the "buy."


Once we understand our audience and our goals, we develop a creative platform which serves as the foundation for all communications and executions.


From our creative platform, we launch our creative executions with best-in-class creators, with skilled designers and detailed engineers.


Our approach has a singular, purposeful intent: to test and learn. This enables us to dissect everything we do to uncover what's working, what isn't, and why.

Brand Experience

Bravely's team boasts diverse experience with brands and organizations from retail to non-profits, hospitality, gaming, sports, finance, entertainment, and healthcare.


From Silicon Valley to Madison Avenue, from the beltway to Broadway, our leadership team has literally been there and done that. Global agencies, tech startups, digital boutiques have been their playground and they've come together to lead our courageous collective.

Shane Santiago

Shane Santiago

President, Chief Experience Officer

Shane Santiago

President, Chief
Experience Officer

Husani S. Oakley

Husani S. Oakley

Chairman of Technology

Husani S. Oakley

Chairman of Technology

Kwame DeRoche

Kwame DeRoché

Creative Director

Kwame DeRoché

Creative Director

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